Computer Vision Powered Disco

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Paul Wealls - Developer/ User Evangelist - Builder of Tech Communities - IoT North Meeetup Host

My goal was to trigger disco lights when a person or dog is detected and play an appropriate song.

Computer Vision Disco
Who let the dogs out?


My goal was to trigger disco lights when a person or dog is detected and if a person is detected to play “staying alive”. If a dog is detected to play “Who let the dogs out?”

This project is designed as a test application for the trial and use of pre-trained models within an edge compute/edge AI environment. Intel’s OpenVINOsoftware has the capability to aggregate pre-trained models from a number of sources ( Using ADLINK’s Vizi-AI and which has an Intel® Movidius™ X VPU chipset and Intel Atom 3940 CPU, with the ADLINK Edge software vision bundle included. The model used was the default Vizi-AI model; Intel’s objection detection model (frozen_inference_graph).

Future development, with appropriate models, for a more industrial usage would allow an edge compute smart camera to detect if a person is in a workspace where people should not be or with some tuning a visual based alarm for predators within the agricultural setting.

It is positioned as being easy to do with the ADLINK Edge platform by managing configured profiles for compatible hardware and utilising the tools included like frame streamer, AI Model manager, training steamer, AWS Model Streamer, OpenVINO and Node-RED to give the building blocks for machine vision solutions.

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