Enable SSH on my Vizi-AI

Reading Time: 3 minutes

After you have completed the Vizi installation guides there may come a time where you need direct access to your Vizi-AI, typically users prefer to do this by remoting into a Vizi-AI rather than having to manually run commands.

This article will show you how to configure your Vizi to enable SSH to allow remote connections.


To connect to your Vizi-AI via ssh you will need to install an ssh client.

I use PuTTY but you can use your tool of choice, the instructions to install PuTTY can be found here (Guide to installing PuTTY SSH Client).

Enabling SSH on your Vizi-AI

By default your Vizi-AI will arrive to you with SSH Disabled.

To enable navigate to your Device tab within Profile Builder and click on the name of your device.

This opens your chosen Device’s Management screen.

To enable SSH you need to open the Device information tab shown below.

Once you are in the device information tab, the status of SSH on your Vizi-AI device is shown, highlighted in green below:

To enable SSH click the Actions drop-down and select Enable SSH.

Profile Builder at this point is communicating across the ADLINK Data River with the Edge Agent to enable SSH and ensure that their is an adlink user created for you to login with.

Once SSH has successfully been enabled you will see on the Device Information screen that the status has changed.

Once enabled you will require the IP address of your Vizi-AI, it can be found in Profile Builder here in the Devices tab.

Enter the IP address in PuTTY and click open.

Enter the username (adlink) and password (adlink) to log in to your Vizi-AI.