How to downsample a video with VLC

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Head of Engineering and Architecture for ADLINK Technology

At times some video has too high a level of quality to run smoothly on some hardware and it is necessary to down sample the video for smooth play back.

When you open VLC you are presented with the VLC media player window.

To start the conversion first click on the Media menu and select the “Convert / Save…” menu item.

Next, we need to Add the file that you want to convert. Click add as shown below.

Then navigate your file system and find the Video that you want to convert, select it and click Open.

Then click Convert/Save button at the bottom of the screen, highlighted below.

Next, we need to select the desired quality, in the case of Vizi I am targeting the “Video for MPEG4 720p TV/Device profile.

Then select a destination file, if you want a new file then provide the name of a file that doesn’t exist in the location specified and the new converted video will be output to that located. Then click Start.

VLC uses the dialogue below playback bar to show the progress of the conversion.

Once it has finished your file will be available in the destination you selected.