Re-installing or upgrading the Vizi-AI SD card image

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Head of Engineering and Architecture for ADLINK Technology

Typically you will have received your Vizi-AI with an SD card that already contains an image of the ADLINK Edge Platform and some helpful tools to get you started.

From time to time you may need to reflash your SD Card or through our community forum ( you may receive a notification to download a new version as ADLINK constantly are looking to improve the your experience of working with our Edge Platform, whether that be through additional drivers or enhancements on our roadmap.

This guide will show you where to download the SD card image from and how to re-flash your SD card.

Downloading Vizi-AI Software

  1. To download and use the ADLINK Vizi-AI Software. You need to download this package, it will always be the most up to date version available of the Vizi-AI software
    1. Vizi-AI Software ( )

      When the download of the Vizi-AI.xz file has been completed Windows may ask you the below question, please select Keep and it will be stored in your normal Downloads area.

Writing the microSD Memory Card

The Edge Platform and drivers for the Vizi-AI are supplied as an image file (.xz) for the microSD memory card. The image file should be located in your normal downloads area it is called “Vizi-AI.xz”.

To install it on to your microSD Card, insert your microSD card into your PC either using an adapter or into the correct slot if your PC has one.

You will need a tool to write the software onto the microSD memory card. There is no fixed way to do this, but we recommend using the free open source tool Etcher. This can be downloaded from the Etcher homepage.

Open BalenaEtcher and click on the “select Image” button highlighted below.

In your downloads area will be the Vizi-AI.xz file that you downloaded in a previous step.

Select the image and click Open.

Then we need to select where we want to write the image to, if you haven’t already, insert your microSD card into your PC and click “Select target”.

This should automatically present you with a list of drives to write too, as I only have 1 microSD, SD or USB drive available it shows my microSD card that is available. Select the target to write to and click continue.

Once the image and the target have been selected, click Flash! To start the install process.

As I have a 128GB SD card it presents a warning, if this happens and you are sure you are writing to the correct device click continue.

You will see a progress bar showing you the Flashing progress.

Once it has finished flashing the microSD card it also validates that the image has been written correctly, a progress bar is provided to show you the progress it is making.

That is your microSD card now flashed with the Vizi-AI platform software, please close Etcher.